Yellow Sicilian datterino tomato 250 gr

Yellow Rucisiciliano datterino tomato 250 gr

Juicy, sweet and scented! The tomato yellow date is the favorite from the little ones but also the big ones! Perfect to give a tasty touch to salads, but also to make delicious sauces and seasoning.
Cultivated under the warm sun sicilian, it's a real our excellence.
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The price indicated corresponds to 250 gr of product.
Delivery in 24/72 hours within a cardboard box easily disposed of.
The transport takes place by refrigerated means (with temperature between 4 and 8 degrees centigrade) so that the product arrives in perfect condition throughout Italy.
Hand selected product: only of very first quality.

Continue reading below the characteristics of this fantastic Sicilian product.

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Pomodoro Datterino yellow: benefits, varieties, recipes

Properties, benefits and contraindications

Tomato is a good ally of health, it provides numerous benefits and benefits to our organism. A fruit digestive thanks to its fibers, it is diuretic, the presence of licopene helps reduce osteoporosis and acts as a good antioxidant, beta carotene protects eyes and eyes, has antitumor properties for the colon and the prostate. Side effects of this terrific natural supplement are really few unless you are specifically allergic to this vegetable or have a tendency to food allergies. All tomatoes are in fact rich in istamine, also in sensitive subjects, with irritable intestines or with inflammatory bowel diseases the skin fiber and Lecithin contained in the pulp can cause headaches or intestinal irritation.

Cultivation and harvest of the date tomato

Il Pomodoro Datterino (Solanum Lycopersicum) is one of the many varieties of cultivable tomato. It shows up with a typical shape of date, from which the name and in common with the fruit of the desert has a sweet and tasty taste. The peel is thin but compact and the seeds present inside are few compared to other varieties. Cultivated throughout the Mediterranean area, it has its ideal location in south-eastern Sicily and in particular in the territories of the Municipality of Scicli (RG) where there is even a consortium dedicated to its safeguard. In this area, in fact, the date is the ideal conditions for its cultivation: dry warm climate with an average annual temperature of about 20°C and which never descends under the 10°C and a neutral or little acid soil, although the date is able to adapt even to slightly alkaline soils.

Origin of the date tomato

The origins of the date are not entirely clear, it is known that the tomato was imported in Europe from South-West America with the discovery of the new world. Some believe that the Datterino (as well as the Ciliegino) was selected in Israel and then found its ideal location in Sicily and South Italy between the 1950s and 1960s to become popular but only at the end of the 1980s.

Nutritional values and calories

Like all the tomatoes, the date also has some nutritional properties very interesting. Very few calories despite the sweet and tasty taste, about 20 Cal every 100 grams, i.e. 3 to 5 tomatoes depending on size. Consider that to introduce the same calories as a chocolate snack you should consume over half a kilo of datterins. In addition to having a few calories, the date is rich in mineral salts and vitamins A and C and also it is like all rich tomatoes in lycopene, a carotenoid particularly important for male health as it can protect from prostate cancer.

Variety of date tomato

There are different varieties of date tomato or cherry that we find in nature. Among these we individuals. Cherry tomatoes classic variety that produces sweet tomatoes, zuckertrabue tomato with intense growth and long bunches, small and tasty fruits, black cherry and black cherry from the acid taste and color that comes from the lycopene present in it.

Recipes with tomato sauce date

The best way to eat date tomato is to eat it raw (obviously well washed), in a salad rich in other vegetables and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and little salt. However, they are also common past tomato date, ideal for dressing a dish of spaghetti or feathers, with a thread of olive oil EV and a leaf of fresh basil. The pass of datterini can be prepared also in the house, it will be necessary 8 or 10 Kg of datterini for a year abundant of past (in a middle family), of the capacious pots, a vegetable pass and of the glass jars for preserves. Wash the tomatoes well and cook them in plenty of water, then start to pass them with the vegetables while they are still hot. Savour the past so obtained and transfer it to the glass containers, taking care not to fill them over the four-fifths (leave at least one finger of space from the edge) and close well with the screw cover. At this point to ensure a perfect preservation you will boil the glass containers in the sauce, perhaps wrapping them first with kitchen rags to prevent you from bumping into each other and breaking during the boiling. You will have the assurance that this sterilization process has happened correctly if the metal cap has curved towards the inside and if you unscrew it feeling the classic “pop” of vacuum glass products. Alternatively, you can cook your favourite size of Gragnano pasta and cook it at the end of cooking with some oven-cooked ovens at 150°C with plenty of oil, little salt and garlic in your shirt. Or if you love seafood, get those you like most, such as fresh clams, let them “clean” in clean water for at least 4 hours checking that you don’t feed sand on the bottom and changing water if necessary. Then cook them briefly in a wide non-stick pan along with EV olive oil, a pair of garlic cloves and a quantity at your liking of tagliati in two in the sense of length. Let cook just the time to see the clams open completely and the daptune soften. At the same time you will have cooked to the tooth of spaghetti or vermicelli that you will find well and bring to the end of cooking in the pan along with clams and datterini mixing well.

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