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Origin: Sicily, Italy
The SICILIAN WHITE ONION is tender and succulent and the palate is sweet and little pungent. It is a food that acts on the organism by normalizing the metabolism and restoring the hormonal balance. The SICILIAN WHITE ONION is a natural antibiotic and has adventurous effects, toning for the digestive, diuretic-depurative apparatus. Very useful for digestion, perfect to add to your delicious recipes. 100 grams of SICILY BIANCHES provide 40 calories.
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The onion is one of the most widespread and accessible vegetables in the italian markets, not that among the most appreciated. Researches show that onion is, in fact, among the preferred flavors and most liked by our lands.

Properties and benefits

The SICILIAN WHITE ONION is a vegetable rich in mineral salts and vitamins, recommended by dietelogists to facilitate metabolism and digestion and by many doctors to strengthen immune defenses; in its tissues we find numerous trace elements such as sulphur, iron, magnesium, and numerous vitamins, including A, C, E. According to recent studies, the intake of this plant would favour diuretic action and glucochinine production, a hormone that helps to lower glycemic levels. Also in the therapeutic profile, onion seems to have no equal: can be used as an antibiotic or antibacterial on the skin; is also a valid expector, with decongesting qualities in case of colds and some recommend it even to cure phenomena of acute tonsillite. In short, onion is a real treasure chest of all kinds of natural remedies.

Nutritional Values of the White Cipolla

Nutritional values x 100g

100 grams of SICILY BIANCHES provide 40 calories.


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