Rucisicilian datterino tomato 500 gr

Rucisicilian red datterino tomato 500 g

The tomato date Rucisiciliano is juicy, sweet and fragrant! It enriches the tables and its sweetness puts the good mood! Perfect to give a tasty touch to salads, but also to make delicious sauces and seasoning. Try it, from today on offer! Product details:

  • The price shown is 500 g of product.
  • Delivery in 24/72 hours within a cardboard box easily disposed of.
  • The transport takes place by refrigerated means (with temperature between 4 and 8 degrees centigrade) so that the product arrives in perfect condition throughout Italy.
  • Hand selected product: only of very first quality.

Continue reading below the characteristics of this fantastic Sicilian product.

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Pomodoro datterino rosso Rucisiciliano gr 500

Properties, benefits and curiosities

Tomato is a good ally of health, in all its forms and colors. The date has a small shape and for this very appreciated. But as they say: in the small cask there is good wine! In fact, in this small fruit of our nature, countless benefits and benefits for our body. A fruit digestive thanks to its fibers, it is diuretic, the presence of licopene helps reduce osteoporosis and is an excellent antioxidant. We also do not forget the functionality of beta-carotene that protects eyes and eyes, has antitumor properties for the colon and the prostate.Cultivation and harvest of the date tomato

Pomodoro Datterino is cultivated throughout the Mediterranean area. It has its ideal location in south-eastern Sicily and in particular in the territories of the Municipality of Scicli (RG) where there is even a consortium dedicated to its safeguard! Nato in Sicilia in fact, it has the same origins, so really zero km! We have the ideal conditions for its cultivation: dry warm climate with an average annual temperature of about 20°C and never down below 10°C and a neutral or little acid soil.  

Nutritional values and calories

Like all the tomatoes, the date also has some nutritional properties very interesting. Very few calories despite the sweet and tasty taste, about 20 Kcal every 100 grams, we are approximately between 3 and 5 tomatoes depending on size. It's a fruit full of mineral salts and vitamins A and C and also it is like all rich tomatoes in lycopene, a carotenoid particularly important for male health as it can protect from prostate cancer.  

Recipes with tomato sauce date Rucisiciliano di ragusa

Rucisicilian date tomato sauce

Perfect for dressing a dish of spaghetti or feathers, with an olive oil thread and a fresh basil leaf. The datterini pass can also be prepared at home:

  • 8 or 10 kg of Rucisicilian datterine for a year full of past
  • capacious pots
  • a vegetable pass
  • glass jars for preserves

Start with washing the tomatoes well and cook them in plenty of water. While they are still hot, pass them with vegetables. Savour the past so obtained and insert it into the glass jars, leaving at least 1 cm of space between the cover and the end of the filling. To ensure a perfect preservation, boil for 30 minutes to bathe the glass containers with inside the sauce, perhaps wrapping them first with kitchen rags to prevent you from bumping into each other and break during the boiling. You will have the assurance that this sterilization process has happened correctly if the metal cap has curved towards the inside and if you unscrew it feeling the classic “pop” of vacuum glass products. Leave the jars in a place away from the sun and moisture.

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