Piccadilly Rucisicilian tomato 500 gr

Piccadilly Rucisicilian tomato 500 gr

The Tomato Piccadilly Rucisiciliano is typically cultivated in Sicily. It is ideal for all sauces with fast cooking because the peel mixes optimally, perfect also eaten raw because it is refreshing, thirsty, has diuretic effects, with a sweet and tasty taste! Product details:

The price indicated corresponds to a 500 gr product package.
Delivery in 24/72 hours within a cardboard box easily disposed of.
The transport takes place by refrigerated means (with temperature between 4 and 8 degrees centigrade) so that the product arrives in perfect condition throughout Italy.
Hand selected product: only of very first quality.

Continue reading below the characteristics of this fantastic Sicilian product.

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Pomodoro Piccadilly Rucisiciliano 500 grams

The tomato Piccadilly Rucisiciliano siciliano is a very small vegetable, derived from the family of vesuvian tomato. It is our little Sicilian pride, because it is born from our lands. We use it above all to create our typical sauces, since its peel blends well in cooking making it a beautiful and tasty tomato pulp. The bunches are long and barbed of fish, they have a high seal to the cracks that is why perfect also in salads!

Properties and benefits

Like all tomatoes the tomato Piccadilly Rucisiciliano is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and a good level of vitamins of group B. It also contains lycopene and carotene, powerful natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, harmful to our health. The Piccadilly Rucisicilian tomato contains plenty of water and its part of mineral salts is rich in: potassium, which helps our body to promote proper hydration, perfect for an anti-age; phosphorus, great for keeping healthy bones; useful calcium against irritability and headache, iron that helps fight anemia and zinc; selenium that help repair cells.
This type of tomato has a good percentage of fibers.

Nutritional values and calories

The tomato Piccadilly Rucisiciliano is a hypocaloric food, present in the mediterranean diet, think that 100 gr mature contains 18 calories.

Recipe of the Sicilian Crudaiola


6 tomatoes Piccadilly Rucisiciliano
30 g Montalbano provola
1 dried tomato
a handful of almonds of Avola
extra virgin olive oil
some basil leaf, or some flower
to garnish salt and pepper enough

Put in a large pot the water and immediately throw in your Piccadilly tomatoes. When bubbles add salt and then the dough you chose for your lunch. The tomatoes at this point could be ready, you can see it from the cracks on the skin. Get them out and peel off. Put the peeled tomatoes inside the mix, add oil, provol, almonds, heartless garlic, dry tomato, oregano if you want. Mix everything and get a soft cream. Season the dough once drained, and add basil only at the end!

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